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Data source: Johns Hopkins CSSE · About: simonw/covid-19-datasette

2 rows where country_or_region = "Canada" and province_or_state = "Edmonton, Alberta" sorted by day descending

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  • Edmonton, Alberta · 2


  • Canada · 2
Link rowid day ▲ country_or_region province_or_state admin2 fips confirmed deaths recovered active latitude longitude last_update combined_key
1714654 2020-03-08 Canada Edmonton, Alberta     3 0 0   53.5461 -113.4938 2020-03-08T16:23:07  
934085 2020-03-07 Canada Edmonton, Alberta     1 0 0   53.5461 -113.4938 2020-03-07T02:23:08  

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CREATE TABLE [johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports] (
   [day] TEXT,
   [country_or_region] TEXT,
   [province_or_state] TEXT,
   [admin2] TEXT,
   [fips] TEXT,
   [confirmed] INTEGER,
   [deaths] INTEGER,
   [recovered] INTEGER,
   [active] INTEGER,
   [latitude] TEXT,
   [longitude] TEXT,
   [last_update] TEXT,
   [combined_key] TEXT
CREATE INDEX [idx_johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports_day]
    ON [johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports] ([day]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports_province_or_state]
    ON [johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports] ([province_or_state]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports_country_or_region]
    ON [johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports] ([country_or_region]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports_combined_key]
    ON [johns_hopkins_csse_daily_reports] ([combined_key]);